Celebrities With Tattoos Dedicated to Their Pets

Celebrities With Tattoos Dedicated to Their Pets

Celebs are just like us! They love their pets too.

If you've ever owned a pet, you know that there is a special bond you share with that animal. Even though you technically "own" it, there's a much stronger relationship between the owner and the pet itself. It's a partnership that's impossible to break, and you two (or three or four or five...) will be tied forever.

Celebrities are not immune to these relationships. Sure, they might be fabulously wealthy and there is no real way for us to relate to them anymore, but they certainly have relationships with their pets that are similar to just about anyone's relationship with their pet. With that said, here's a look at some celebrities who have taken their passion for their pets to the next level and have gotten tattoos dedicated to them. You might be surprised to see some of the names on this list.

Actor Michael Vartan has two tattoos dedicated to his dogs, Lucy and Millicent. He told People Magazine that they are two tattoos he will never regret. They are now etched in his skin forever, so he better not regret them!

Pink, the singer who brought us "Let's Get This Party Started" and many other hits, has a tattoo on her arm dedicated to her deceased dog, Sir Corky Moore, along with the dates of his life.

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Dedicated to his late dog, Zora, Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson got a "Z" tattoo to commemorate the pup.

Jennifer Aniston has a foot tattoo to memorialize her late dog, Norman. She felt such an affinity towards the pooch that when she was asked what her favorite word was on Inside The Actor's Studio, she replied, "Norman."

Amber Rose has a ton of tattoos, and many of them are dedicated to important people and things in her life. Who could forget her Wiz Khalifa tattoo? Well, Rose also has portraits of her two dogs on her arm.

Howard Stern was devastated when his beloved bulldog, Bianca, passed away. He even got a tattoo dedicated to her memory.

Miley Cyrus is known for her collection of tattoos. She's got plenty of them, and at least two of them are dedicated to her deceased pets. First, she has a tattoo on her side in honor of her dog Floyd. Secondly, she's got a tattoo dedicated to her puffer fish, whom she even wrote a song about.

See! Celebrities are just like us. They grocery shop, they work out, and they have deep and personal relationships with their pets, just like all of us. Except they can afford to give their pets the best food, best trainers, best vets, and best lives imaginable. But that's the only thing separating us between them!

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