Celebrity Portraits by Clare Clarity

Celebrity Portraits by Clare Clarity

This tattooist fully captures the persona and essence of these fan favorite characters in her tattoos.

In order for a celebrity portrait tattoo to work, two factors have to be taken into account. Firstly, said celebrity must incite a love so profound that there is genuinely no other option than to have their face tattooed on you. A poster won’t cut it, the background of your phone is more of an insult to their beautiful face than anything, and forget stalking them on Instagram. You already know their profile like the back of your hand. A tattoo is the only option. The second is that your tattoo artist must have a full understanding of what makes this celebrity so special. Lucky for Clare Clarity’s clients, she fully understands and appreciates both aspects of this profoundly significant equation, and her celebrity tattoos are nearly as good as the real thing.

Tattooing out of Hot Cooper Studio in Melborune, Australia, Clarity tattoos in an illustrative style, but what sets her work apart from the rest is her innate understanding of each celebrity she tattoos. Instead of just creating a portrait, she brings each character to life. George Costanza is depicted with his signature squint, as if to say, “I have a bad feeling that whenever a lesbian looks at me they think, ‘that’s why I’m not a heterosexual.’” 

Her rendition of Agent Dale Cooper is entirely assuring, giving us the feeling that he really is a fed we can trust. Clarity doesn’t just paint pretty pictures of celebrities, she brings them to life, making us feel like our favorite source of support, laughter, or maybe just a little bit of encouragement is right there at arm’s length.

Celebrity portraits are wonderful, but we forgot to mention a third, and most important factor to consider when having a celebrity tattooed on your person. Even after the needle is put away, and the tattoo is healed, your artist must always make you believe that you’ve got a constant source of inspiration at hand, and Clare Clarity does just that.

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