Celebrity Portraits by Ryan Evans

Celebrity Portraits by Ryan Evans

If you're a celebrity super-fan, this is the tattoo artist for you.

Our culture is obsessed with celebrities. Every tiny detail of their lives is documented and reported on. Hell, it seems like every single Kardashian is in the news at some point sometime, all the time. It's gotten to a point where the type of makeup they wear will be a trending topic on Twitter just because they chose to showcase it on Instagram or something.

So the market for celebrity portraits is at an all-time high. We go gaga over celebrities and idolize them to the point that they are seemingly gods.

Well, Ryan Evans is one of the best benefactors of this celebrity craze, as he does some of the best tattoo portraits. He's not opposed to tattooing the face of a celebrity, living or dead, on a willing fan's body.

Evans absolutely nails these portraits with black and grey realism. Head on over to London if you'd like to be tattooed by him, and follow his Instagram for all of his updates.

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