Center Stage: Spectacular Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Ink

Center Stage: Spectacular Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Ink

This special selection of awesome tattoos brings together some of the best tattoo artists on the Tattoodo App. Ain't on it yet? Get on it!

As part of our ongoing support of tattoo artists all over the globe, we always like to end the week with a spotlight on some of our favorites with profiles on the Tattoodo App. This is the place where they can show off their best work; it's like a digital portfolio that cuts out all the minor pieces and shows off the high quality work each tattooist is most proud of. And we know that many of these craftsmen have insanely high standards for themselves...which is part of the secret of evolving! The only way tattoo artists can continue pushing their work another level, is by always raising the bar. Pretty smart advice for...everyone, actually, no matter what your job is!

We do these selections from the app rather randomly: pulling from artisans on the Tattoodo App based on hashtags, styles, aesthetics, and, of course, quality of work. What's awesome is that every single day more people are signing up and showing off their favorite tattoos, which just gives us more inspiration and beautiful content to ogle at! What's funny is that although we always try to just pick awesome pieces we know you'll love for these Friday tattoo themes, sometimes we hit a trend completely on accident! You will, for instance, notice that many of these pieces are cat tattoos

Either we love cats and are subconsciously drawn to them (totally 100% possible) or there's a spike in the pet portrait trend. Each of those options are pretty good really...especially considering that each kitty in this collection is totally different. Whether based on breed or tattooing style, each furry friend has their own flair.

In addition to random, maybe subconsciously on purpose, trends we find, we also see a few more Neo Traditional tattoos popping up than usual!! This means tattoo artists that prefer to illustrate in this style are uploading images that totally inspire us...and some of them done in a gorgeous Neo Trad aesthetic! Maria Dolg's cat tattoo, for instance, is a marvelous hand tattoo that depicts a fluffy gray Lynx. We can immediately imagine this creature jumping about in the snow stalking prey, or admiring snowflakes as they fall to the ground. Victoria Benea does similar work with her leopard tattoo peeking out behind a purple peony. 

Each one, although the same sort of style and subject, is completely special and unique. It's always incredible to see artworks that may resemble one another in one way, but still totally stand out in its own way. That is what makes the best tattoos!

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Really no matter style or design concept, the best tattoos are simply created when a tattoo collector has a great experience and loves their new piece. It doesn't even have to be perfect sacred geometry or old school Traditional; it could be the most abstract watercolor piece you've ever seen..and even if that's not your thing...if the person who has it loves it, then the tattooist did their utmost to make it exactly as they wanted. That sort of collaboration is so uplifting, and it helps make the tattoo community such a great place to be in. 

Awesome tattoos are about great ideas and great people coming together to create! This is what Tattoodo supports. We're always looking for sweet tattoos that inspire us, or blow our minds. Things that are unique, or things that are perfectly depicted...Neo Traditional tattoos or illustrative...we're into it all, and we hope we can show you the best no matter what!

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