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Chandelier: The Viral Sia Song That Everyone Misinterprets

Chandelier: The Viral Sia Song That Everyone Misinterprets

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Sia’s 2014 single catapulted the prolific singer from behind-the-scenes back into the spotlight

Play It Again analyzes the sticking power of songs and their ability to compel people to go so far as to permanently alter their skin with cheesy lyrics. We've covered the Beatles, Lady Gaga, and even Modest Mouse.

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier (via IG—flumjossan) #PlayItAgain #Sia #SiaTattoo #Chandelier #Lyrics #LyricsTattoo

Released in March 2014, "Chandelier" didn't start to climb the charts until the release of its incredibly compelling dance-focused music video in May. You’ve seen the video (or even SNL parodies of it), where then-11-year-old Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler, clad in a blonde wig and nude bodysuit, dances and flings herself around a messy apartment. The song, already rising to international fame in those two months, was embraced wholeheartedly after the music video dropped, inspiring cover after cover and remix after remix, and becoming one of YouTube’s most watched videos of all time.

Artist's interpretation of the Chandelier music video (via IG—rafaellatattoo) #PlayItAgain #Sia #SiaTattoo #Chandelier #Lyrics #LyricsTattoo

Filled with electropop beats and pop ballad vocals, “Chandelier” does everything a pop song should — including make some unsuspecting song lovers think the song is empowering.

We’re not talking “excuse me while I kiss this guy” levels of song misinterpreting, but Sia’s raspy belting and the song’s swelling chorus has led some unsuspecting fans to feel inspired by the lyrics below:

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