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Changing Reflections: Face Tattoos For Those Who DGAF

Changing Reflections: Face Tattoos For Those Who DGAF

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Today's collection of face tattoos celebrates people who embrace freedom with every fiber and inch of their being.

Here we have The Committed. In it to win it. DGAF Ima do what I wanna do. These are the people who don't mind that job stoppers are exactly what they sound like..but, honestly? These people probably do have jobs...they probably aren't like...mainstream jobs. They probably don't work on Wall Street, or sell real estate. But believe it or not, they totally could. People with face tattoos are just like everyone else...except they have devoted a big ol' swath o' skin to their love of ink in one of the most obvious places you could ever tattoo.

Awhile ago we interviewed Sylvain, aka Freaky Hoody, who is covered from head to foot. Yes, he even has face tattoos. But get this: he also teaches young kids in France. So, if face tattoos (or any body modifications really) should teach you anything it's to not judge a book by its cover. In fact that particular idiom has been around for of the earliest mentions of it is in George Eliot's book "The Mill on the Floss" which was published in 1860. But surely the phrase was in use long before then...definitely way before rappers started inking their face to look more gangsta than they already are...

We get it, some people take a long time to learn things...but we think these face tattoos should invite you to look a little deeper. Except maybe that one by Dark Electric Tattoos which says "Antisocial". We read that loud and clear. And no judgement. The cool thing about the tattoo community is that, often, it is a place where you can be yourself. In fact, many tattooists we've interviewed would say that they find more support within their chosen tattoo family then with their regular family. So although people with face tattoos, or a lot of tattoos, may seem intimidating...we promise most of us are actually really sweet, supportive people once you get to know us.

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