Charly Saconi's Ornamental Forearm and Hand Pieces

Charly Saconi's Ornamental Forearm and Hand Pieces

Beautify your forearms and hands with these lovely decorative pieces by Charly Saconi.

When you get right down to it, whenever someone is getting a tattoo, it is meant to beautify their skin. Sure, there can be some additional meaning behind it, and it can be incredibly deep and personal, or it can just be for a lark among good friends, but at the end of the day, tattoos are designed to alter and enhance how you look.

Charly Saconi is a master of the decorative tattoo style. Not only under his guiding hands will your skin look more beautiful, you will also be carrying with you a genuine piece of ornamental art. 

For this piece, we are just going to be looking at the designs he has created specifically for the forearm and hands. Forearms and hands are a small part of the body as a whole, but they are also the most visible areas to place a tattoo behind the face. Unless you live in the depths of Siberia, your arms and hands are going to be uncovered the bulk of the year. So if you choose to tattoo these areas you want to make sure that you are leaving yourselves in the hands of a master like Saconi. These bold designs show that he is more than up for the task. 

These ornate and decorative pieces are created using dotwork techniques to create the shading featured in the tattoos, and Saconi adds in some geometric influences to provide his clients with a truly unique and distinctive tattoo that they can be proud to show off.

Saconi is an Argentina native, and has been honing his skills for some time now, and it's paying off. His dotwork skills are unmatched and his interest in sacred geometry has helped step his game up to another level.

Giving a hand or a forearm a bit of ornamentation like this will make anyone in the tattoo community respect you, and Saconi's portfolio is littered with tattoos like these. It's a major reason why he's becoming a major player in the tattoo industry and beyond.

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