Check Out This Dude's Awesome Black History Tattoos

Check Out This Dude's Awesome Black History Tattoos

You can tell he cares deeply about Civil Rights based on his incredible tattoos.

Showing that you're down with a cause is an easy thing to do if you don't mind getting tattoos based on the cause. It's an empowering thing to get a tattoo that represents your values as a person.

One person took notice of this particular dude's tattoos.

Across this man's arm is powerful imagery from the Civil Rights movement. He has a Martin Luther King Jr. portrait, a Malcolm X portrait, Joe Lewis, and several other pieces of black history tattooed on his arm.

On a trip to the dentist, he had his tattoos noticed by the person working on him, who decided to document the tattoos on Instagram.

You can watch the Instagram video here and see the awesome reaction these tattoos got. He definitely got the appreciation those tattoos deserve.

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