Chelsea Shoneck's Bizarre Pin Ups You Literally Cannot Un-See

Chelsea Shoneck's Bizarre Pin Ups You Literally Cannot Un-See

Sexy giraffe anyone?

There are some things in this world that you will never be able to unsee: that one time in the 90’s when Gillian Anderson proudly wore such a low cut, backless dress that her whale tale peeked out the top, the way Donald Trump’s hair never really seems to move regardless of how much he does, and now these absolutely absurd animal pin up tattoos by Chelsea Shoneck

While these things are virtually indescribable, the only thing we can think to liken them to is a reverse mermaid, but somehow infinitely weirder. Think that one time you accidentally stumbled upon those really weird pin up versions of your beloved Disney characters. Somehow it’s intriguing and you can’t look away, but they also fill you with a wave of weird feelings. Why is Jasmine posing with Raja like that? But before we continue, we must warn you that you genuinely will not be able to unsee the tattoos we’re about to show you. You’ve been warned.

Tattooing out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Shoneck’s work is actually a really beautiful take on the neo-traditional style. Muted colors, lady heads, and weird animal hybrids often find themselves as the inspiration for the majority of her portfolio. Although there’s no telling how Shoneck came up with such bizarre creatures, our best guess is that it involved some sort of hallucinogenic, but however she did it, the end result is absolutely hysterical. 

Taking animals of every species and incorporating both the attributes of a vintage pin up, as well as their poses, Shoneck creates animal-human hybrids that are both highly disturbing and somehow intriguing. When it comes to the inspiration, no animal is too sacred, as everything from cranes to manatees to slugs find their way into her work. Although, if we’re being completely honest, her Frankenstein’d version of a slug might be the winner of the “Things That Have Been Burned Into The Back Of Our Brains For All Eternity” game. While the subject matter of her pin ups might be a bit out there for some, the overall artistry with which she tattoos is unwavering.

If you fancy yourself a super freak, purveyor of fine tattoos, or a general collector of oddities, look no further. Shoneck’s Frankenstein’d pin ups are just about as odd as you can get.

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