Cherry Tattoos that Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

Cherry Tattoos that Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

Cherries — with their vivid coloration, sweet tastes, and connotations of love — make for great tattoos.

Cherry blossoms tend to steal the show in the world of tattoos, especially in the traditional Japanese style, but the fruit that their trees produce are equally aesthetically appetizing. Cherries are wonderful: they go great on sundaes, compliment cocktails perfectly, make delicious pies, win you money if three pairs of them pop up on a slot machine, and are sexual symbolic. For all these reasons and more, cherries make for beautiful body art.

There are tons of fruits in the world — apples, peaches, pears, pomegranates, and many more — but none of them are quite as mouthwatering as cherries. Not only are they sweet, they’re a lovely shade of red, which makes them incredibly attractive to the eye. In short, the only downside to cherries is that they have pits, which isn’t even an issue when it comes to tattoos of them.

Tattooists do all sorts of exciting things with cherries. Each style accents their natural beauty in different ways, some drawing their crimson sheen into focus and others highlighting their opulent shape. Some artists even anthropomorphize them, incorporating tiny faces or skulls in their centers.

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The most alluring aspect of cherry tattoos is that they’re sexually charged. “Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous coverings,” writes Jimmy Dean in his autobiography. “Sex is the cherry on top.” People use the idea of cherries in this figurative manner all the time, and tattoos are no different. Because of this, they’ve become synonymous with sensuality. Whether it’s tying their stems in knots with your tongue or tongue-and-cheek innuendos like “twig and berries,” the fruit carries this risqué connotation where they pop up, be it on someone’s booty or behind his or her ear.

To see more appetizing tattoos, check out each of these artists’ Instagrams. Remember life is just a bowl of cherries, so you might as well get a pair of them somewhere on your body.

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