Cheryl Has Her Eye on Liam Payne. Literally.

Cheryl Has Her Eye on Liam Payne. Literally.

Fans are going crazy over the One Direction singer's new ink, which is likely another tribute to his beloved Cheryl.

One Direction fans must run the full gamut of emotions every time they see one of their beloved singers get tattooed. First there is the rush of spotting out a new ink on one of their prime crushes, because who doesn't love a boy with cool tattoos and a dreamy voice? But upon further inspection fans realize that these boys keep getting tattoos dedicated to their rich and beautiful girlfriends, and poof! The dream of becoming Mrs. Payne or Mrs. Malik goes up in smoke. 

Last week Zayn fans had to come to grips with a heartfelt tattoo dedicated to Gigi Hadid, now Liam Payne has gone and gotten a piece honoring Cheryl. 

That eye looks familiar.... #liampayne #onedirection #tattoos #cheryl #music

Take a look at that eye. Really stare at it for a minute. Does it look familiar? Because it should.... 

Cheryl Cole's album cover and inspiration for Payne's latest tattoo. #liampayne #onedirection #tattoos #cheryl #music

Boom! There's Cheryl Cole's eye right there on Payne's arm. One might even go as far as to say that Cole has her eye on Liam

All dad jokes aside, it's a pretty impressive tattoo that Payne has been showing off around town. Sure, any idiot can just go and get the name of their lover tattooed on them, but getting a photo-realistic portrait of their eye shows true dedication. 

This is not the first time Payne has shown his love for Cole through his ink, he is sporting a hand tattoo of a rose, a clear reference to the many roses tattooed (by Nikko Hurtado) on Cole's posterior.  

The couple are expecting their first child a little bit later this year, so we're looking forward to seeing what kind of tattoos Payne adds to his collection for the little one. 

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