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Chicago Cubs Infielder Javier Báez Shares The Story Of His Tattoos

Chicago Cubs Infielder Javier Báez Shares The Story Of His Tattoos

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The professional baseball player recently talked about his extensive tattoo collection.

The Chicago Cubs are crushing their competition and are likely going to be the only team in the league to reach 100 wins. Many in Chicago are hoping (and praying extensively) that the Cubbies can end the curse of the goat and finish their World Series drought that has plagued the team for decades.

Here you can see Báez's portrait of his sister on his shoulder, along with the rosary made of baseballs and his Puerto Rican pride tattoos. #JavierBaez #Baseball #Baseballtattoos

Every one of the tattoos has a special meaning to Báez. Many of his body art is dedicated to, or in reference to, his family, his home country of Puerto Rico, and of course, his love of baseball.

On his left side, he has his mother's name, a rose, the names of all of his siblings, and a passage that reads "Your hands never hurt anyone; your feet never missed a step" that is dedicated to his sister.

Báez shows off his tattoos on Instagram quite frequently. #JavierBaez #Baseball #Baseballtattoos

Báez is able to show off who he is as a person, what he cares about, and where he is from with all of these tattoos. He's got plans to continue his ventures into body art, as he's working on a piece on his leg currently. Who knows? Maybe if the Cubs with the World Series, he will probably get a tattoo commemorating that achievement!

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