Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta Gets a Tattoo After Losing a Bet

Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta Gets a Tattoo After Losing a Bet

After losing a friendly bet with teammate Tommy La Stella, the Cubs ace had to get inked up.

Competition is what makes professional athletes some of the highest-paid individuals in the entire world. Without that insane competitiveness, these guys would probably be playing in a beer league somewhere in the Midwest.

So, even though Jake Arrieta and Tommy La Stella are on the same professional team, their rivalry from their college days still looms large. Especially since Arrieta's TCU Horned Frogs met La Stella's Coastal Carolina University's Chanticleers in the College World Series. The teammates made a bet: whoever's team lost had to get a tattoo of the other team.

And TCU lost, so Jake Arrieta had to rock this...

"Not ideal... but a bet is a bet."

Jake Arrieta's CCU tattoo he got after losing a bet. #Baseball #ChicagoCubs #JakeArrieta

The ace of the Chicago Cubs' pitching staff posted this picture on Twitter along with the caption, "Not ideal... but a bet is a bet."

Kudos to Arrieta being a man of his word and not backing out of the bet. He'll forever wear the shame of his team's failure on his body now. But hey, guess what? He led the Cubs to their first World Series in over 100 years, so I doubt he really cares about a little tattoo. He's a pitcher of historic significance, and he's probably rolling in money. He'll be fine.

But you just know that this tattoo will eat at him a little. Especially considering how competitive he probably is. It will haunt him. Forever. Or until he makes another bet, and perhaps the winner gets to rock a cover-up.

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