Chicago Field Museum's Mobile Tattoo Van

Chicago Field Museum's Mobile Tattoo Van

The museum is using a mobile airbrush tattooing van to entice visitors

The Chicago Field Museum is hosting a free airbrush tattoo event to entice people to head on over to view the historic exhibits, as well as some newer ones. But it's not just hosting the event, it's bringing the event to you!

That's right, the museum has introduced a new mobile airbrushing tattoo van that will be traveling around the city, airbrushing anyone who is interested in getting a "tattoo" for absolutely free! That's a good way to get people interested, giving out free stuff!

Parker Fusion told the Hyde Park Herald, "We want to encourage people to come visit not only the museum but specifically the tattoo exhibition itself. The [museum’s] goal was to have the most eye-popping, comfortable, safe and efficient mobile tattoo shop."

The old-school Volkswagen van is big enough that it can fit one artist and two to three customers and will be driving around the Chicago area up until December 4. 

The promotion started late last month, and it's been a smashing success so far. It looks super cool and retro, the tattoos are stupendous, and it's just a fun way to get people in the community involved. PLUS IT'S FREE, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?! IT COMES TO YOU AND IT'S FREE, STOP BEING SO DAMN SELFISH!!!

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The Chicago Field Museum is running their tattoo exhibit until April 30, 2017. Make sure you head over the check it out, and hopefully you'll be able to get one of those freebies from the van.

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