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Chill Out B, It's All Good: Cool Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Chill Out B, It's All Good: Cool Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

We bring you coolest of cool tattoos for this collection of today's Tattoo of the Day.

For today's collection of Tattoo of the Day we've pulled together some cool tattoos to make your eyeballs happy. Usually we try to make these TOTD's curated into particular ideas like skull tattoos or rose tattoos, but the diversity within the tattoo art form is something so vast and special, that sometimes they just don't fit into any categories. It's something to be celebrated, we think, that these cool tattoos exist and that there are artists out there who make it their main mission in life to create beautiful things for the world. We count ourselves pretty fortunate that we get to look at these babies all day long.

Another cool thing about tattoos, or art in general, is that theres always something out there that fits what you're looking for...and if you can't exactly find what you're looking for: it can be made! We know that sounds like...duh, obvious, but think about it: we can make anything we want. Just look at these cool tattoos...either the client had an idea, or the artist did, and then they collaboratively made their idea become reality. And that's sick af. Making things happen, making your dreams a reality is part of what tattooing, and living, is all about! You're cool tattoo could be totally different than these, but it doesn't matter because it's part of you, and what you're about and what you want your world to look like.

These cool tattoos are a prime example of how humans can create change on their body, within themselves, and around the world. We can make really awesome, inspiring things...and art is a huge part of that. Creating connections, collaborating, building what we envision is also a huge part of's a huge part of living this life and doing amazing things. Tattoodo believes that's what makes our community special. We love to celebrate the art form of tattoos and like to thank all of the artists, collectors, shop owners, and fans of tattoos for helping make this community as badass as it is! Keep those cool tattoos coming!

Written byTattoodo

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