Chinchilla Tattoos Are Adorable Tributes To These Cute Rodents

Chinchilla Tattoos Are Adorable Tributes To These Cute Rodents

Chinchillas make for great pets, better tattoos

The chinchilla makes for a super cute pet — one that just doesn't get enough play in this world of cats and dogs. These goofy furballs somehow make really adorable pets without all the stigma that comes with being a ferret owner. In honor of these little cute-as-fuck rascals, we’ve herded together some of the coolest chinchilla tattoos out there.

Chinchillas are South American rodents that live high in the Andes. Like really high, as in herds of chinchillas can be found at elevations above 14,000 feet. Historically, herds of chinchillas could be found living in the wild in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile, but today only Chile has retained a population of wild chinchillas.

The rodents live in rock crevices and burrows in groups of 14 to 100 members. They feed on plant leaves, insects, fruits, and seeds. The life of a chinchilla is fraught with danger as they have many natural predators including birds, snakes, dogs, cats, and skunks. They have several defenses against predatory attacks, including the ability to leap up to six feet, spraying urine, and releasing their fur.

Keeping a chinchilla as a pet is no walk in the park, they require a good deal of care. They need regular exercise and constant dental care as their teeth never stop growing. And chinchillas are susceptible to a host of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that you wouldn’t expect from an organism with such a small brain.

Chinchillas also lack the ability to sweat, so their homes need to be carefully climate controlled. Much like mogwai, you should never ever get a chinchilla wet – they won’t spontaneously reproduce, but their fur will grow fungus unless they are dried immediately.

In lieu of bathing, chinchillas take dust baths where they roll around in special pumice dust. They have the second densest coat of fur of any land mammal, second only to sea otters. This thick covering keeps out parasites and keeps dander in, but does not dry well naturally.

Despite their current status as an endangered species, chinchillas are bred in factory farms for their fur. The demand for chinchilla fur played a direct role in their natural decline and even drove one species of chinchillas to extinction. But the demand still exists for things like chinchilla fur coats, which can require up to 150 chinchillas to make.

Thankfully, if the chinchilla ever does go extinct, these pictures of rad chinchilla tattoos will help preserve their memory for future generations.

Maybe one of these adorable chinchilla tattoos has inspired you to give one lucky chinchilla the best life it could possibly ask for. To which we say sincerely, good luck with that, pal.

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