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Chopped and Screwed: Mash Up Tattoos That Break the Rules

Chopped and Screwed: Mash Up Tattoos That Break the Rules

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These Mash Up Tattoos will open your eyes to brand new possibilities of killer weirdness.

This collection of mashup tattoos shows how artists can take two totally different things, stir them together, and create something totally weird and awesome. Somewhat like that really wonderfully, totally incredible rap genre Chopped and Screwed! Whether it's animals merged with human faces like the pieces by Teide and Bouits or styles that somehow completely fit together in a weird way like with the mash up tattoos by Chris Rigoni and Mat Rule or two different cultures colliding like geishas and cholas, this selection of tattoos prove that not everything has been done....there will always be new ideas within the art world.

The thing about many of these mash up tattoos is that somehow bringing together a few random, or not so random, ideas into one idea turns out a piece that is totally weird, surreal, and strange in all the best ways. Who knew that a leopard with a human face would work so well? Under the talented fingers of Bouits, a bright blue jungle cat with a sweet lil Buddha visage is the perfect addition to literally any tattoo collection. So, maybe that's not your thing, but we promise that these pieces will spark your imagination. 

As usual, we try to show you things that will inspire you and, if you're like us, that continual itch for ink is so real....and very easy to keep in check...with more tattoos! If this mash up tattoos collection doesn't exactly do it for you, check out our app, our site, our Facebook community and more for an archive of incredible, high quality pieces. If you're looking for something and just not finding it, feel free to reach out! We love to hear from you, see your new tattoos, or tattoos that really resonate with you. This community is awesome because of people like you!

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