Chris Garver Joins the Tattoodo Crew!

Chris Garver Joins the Tattoodo Crew!

A closer look at our Ambassador, Chris Garver.

A name nearly synonymous with today's world of tattooing, Chris Garver needs no introduction. He's one of the most sought-after tattoo artists on the planet.

Chris came into the public spotlight as a cast member of the hit reality series "Miami Ink", but was celebrated and revered in the tattoo community long before TV life. He began his career with a formal apprenticeship at the ripe age of 17, where he fixed old tattoos in need of repair. By 18 he was tattooing professionally, and has been killing it ever since. 

Though he has become known for making beautiful large-scale Japanese tattoos, to marginalize him into a single category would be unfair. Chris has mastered a multitude of styles, from fine-line black & grey, to bold traditional, and realistic portraiture - earning him the nickname "The Wizard".  Is there anything the man doesn't do? 

With a background in fine art, Chris has been able to mesh together all the right kinds of aesthetics to culminate his own "Garver style" with sheer talent sans ego, and an understanding of his gift.

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Chris as we move forward together in the next chapter in Tattoodo's history, and could not be more proud to have him join our Ambassador program. 

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