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Classic Chicano Style by Chuco Moreno

Classic Chicano Style by Chuco Moreno

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Moreno is a master at this fine-lined and soft style of black and grey tattooing.

Chicano style tattooing is fucking amazing, and to show it, we're here with one of its best practitioners — Chuco Moreno. He is the real deal when it comes to this fine-lined and exquisitely soft black and grey style that produces incredibly bold and outspoken tattoos. Check out this sample of his work that perfectly captures the spirit of west-coast Chicano culture.

Moreno's lady heads illustrate just how stunning his soft black and grey style is. These Chicana ladies make you never want to look away from their radiant eyes, even when they are behind thick-rimmed shades. We love that many of them sport bandanas and beanies, too, repping the kickass fashion sense of the culture. 

Moreno's tattoos of men with their mustaches proudly arched over their tightly sealed lips as they stare through chain-linked fences or just hang out on the block are tremendous. They ooze out machismo attitude, and in doing so, make a major cultural statement about what it is to be a Chicano.

Moreno truly excels when given a large-scale project. Many of his bigger illustrations perfectly embody the player lifestyle in how they feature his vato portraits surrounded by vivacious and frequently nude women. The two back-pieces in the photo above are absolutely gangster, exemplifying how this man is truly one of the greatest Chicano tattooists.

A badass photo of the tattoo OG himself, Chuco Moreno (IG—chucomoreno95237), one of the best Chicano style tattooist in the world. #blackandgrey #Chicano #ChucoMoreno #finelined #oldschool #soft

We hope you appreciate old school Chicano tattoos as much as we do, and if you want to see more work from this true OG at the style, make sure to cruise on past Moreno's Instagram. If you're interested in getting some ink from him, he can be reached at

If you want to know more about the roots, cultural references and artists of Chicano Tattoos, be sure to check out our guide right here.

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