Classic Final Fantasy Tattoos to Celebrate the Release of FFXV

Classic Final Fantasy Tattoos to Celebrate the Release of FFXV

Final Fantasy XV has been released to much acclaim, so let us celebrate the franchise's glorious past.

The newest installment in the Final Fantasy video game franchise has been released, and like many of its predecessors, it has been met with critical acclaim. It's hard to believe this franchise has lasted this long and has been so successful. The only other video game franchise that I can think of that has had this kind of continued success is Madden Football.

So before you head out and play the newest edition of the game, let's reflect back on Final Fantasy games of old. They are truly classics and it's no surprise that a ton of people have tattoos inspired by the games.

So head out and pick up Final Fantasy XV. There is nothing like one of those games to make you waste an unbelievable amount of time, forget about all of your responsibilities, and gain loads of pounds. You just know you are going to get lost in the story and end up doing 4,000 hours of side quests. You're never going to beat the game, just face it. But that doesn't mean you aren't going to try.

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