Classic Lady Head Tattoos by Daniele Delli Gatti

Classic Lady Head Tattoos by Daniele Delli Gatti

Gorgeous girls in a classic style always look good.

Italian tattoo artist, Daniele Delli Gatti creates clean traditional tattoos that are perfect for some inkspiration! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Italy is home to some of the best traditional artists in the world! The country has a near endless pool of traditional talent and one of them is Daniele Delli Gatti. A Rome based tattooer, Delli Gatti has a clean traditional style with solid lines and bright colors, and while he kills it with all manner of timeless designs, it's Delli Gatti's classic lady heads that really standout. 

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Elegant, stylish and near flawless, the lady heads of Delli Gatti are the perfect example of what an old school portrait should be and are sure to bring you some awesome inspiration. 

All photos from Delli Gatti's Instagram

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