Classy Classic Tattoos by Zach Nelligan

Classy Classic Tattoos by Zach Nelligan

Zach Nelligan nails these insane classic looking tattoos that fans of old school definitely need to see.

If you are into old school classy tattoos then this blog post is definitely for you. In this entry, tattoo artist Zach Nelligan will dazzle you with classic and beautiful tattoo imagery.

Zach Nelligan is a solid tattooer from Austin, Texas. He works and tattoos at Main Stay Tattoo. Nelligan's tattoo style is reminiscent of old school classic tattoos such as the feel of some of Bert Grimm's work. There is a great number of collectors nowadays who fancy the old school look of classic tattoos versus the more modern and realistic looking pieces that are really popular nowadays. Being a fan of solid traditional tattoos, I would say that it is a relief to know that this kind of tattoo style will forever be amongst the ones considered to be the best tattoo style ever.

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