Classy Neo Traditional Tattoos by Hakan Havermark

Classy Neo Traditional Tattoos by Hakan Havermark

The work of Hakan Havermark, a real tattoo innovator, speaks for itself.

Excellent style and a quality finish- you can't ask for much more! 

Working from Crooked Moon Tattoo, Sweden, artist Hakan Havermark is considered one of the best tattoo artists in the world for a reason. With his classy neo traditional style, Havermark pushes the boundaries with every one of his tattoos. Using bold colors with an equally bold style, Havermark gives life to his designs in ways only he could, and the results are amazing, as you're about to see. 

A truly great neo traditional artist Havermark's clean and elegant designs speak for themselves so it's time we let them do the talking.

 Be sure to check out Havermark on Instagram.

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