Clean and Strong Traditional Tattoos by Ibi Rothe

Clean and Strong Traditional Tattoos by Ibi Rothe

Ibi Rothe creates traditional bold tattoos that have the elegant dark feel. Tattoo lovers, be ready to enjoy some solid traditional tattoos!

Bold and crisp linework with solid black shadings accentuate the colors that are used in the traditional tattoo style. The slick look of each tattoo is achieved through the the mastery of technical application.

Fountain pen through a heart. Great tattoo work by Ibi Rothe. #IbiRothe #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #dagger #heart

Ibi Rothe is a tattooist from Leipzig, Germany. Rothe is an artist who makes some really clean traditional style tattoos that are dark yet solid and elegant. 

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The traditional tattoo style that Ibi Rothe specializes in has that thickness that we all love about the style. The colors he uses is not your typical vibrant reds and yellows, instead a combination of the same hues, but with a bit darker shades. Roses, blossoms, girl heads are some of the subject matters that Ibi Rothe uses in his tattoos. These elements give the tattoos that he does a classic traditional look combined with his own style. 

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Rad anchor and solid looking lady boxer by Ibi Rothe. #IbiRothe #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #ladyboxer #anchor

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