Clean Black and Grey Tattoos by Serkan Demirboga

Clean Black and Grey Tattoos by Serkan Demirboga

Black and grey tattoos have that classic look we all know and love, whether it be pop culture tattoos, memorials, monochrome is forever!

Serkan Demirboga creates beautiful black and grey tattoos that are surreal and smooth looking. 

Serkan Demirboga is an amazingly talented tattoo artist from Istanbul and has been making some really interesting black and grey tattoos recently.

This black and grey look that Serkan Demirboga is creating has always been around and is continuously evolving. These tattoos reflect Serkan Demirboga's skillful approach to tattooing and his drawing expertise. The texture and shading technique in each tattoo is nothing short of precise. He can be gruesome and powerful with other pieces while delicate and smooth with others. The ability to execute his ideas and concepts in tattooing is amazing.

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