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Clean Japanese Tattooing by Horitou Thomas Piñeiro

Clean Japanese Tattooing by Horitou Thomas Piñeiro

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Japanese style tattoos are always visualized as massive body-covering pieces. Yet these beautiful tattoos by Horitou stand alone beautifully

Clean, vibrant and simple. Japanese discipline is reflected in HORITOU's work!

Thomas Pineiro aka Horitou is a tattoo artist from the UK who creates beautifully executed Japanese style tattoos. His designs is a huge step away from the modern or neo Japanese style tattoos. Modern Japanese style tattoos sport huge imagery and so much action in the pieces. While these tattoos by Horitou are simple, they have the clean and elegant look that is always present with this centuries-old tattoo style.

Sakuras and tiger head, simple yet clean work by Horitou. #ThomasPineiro #Horitou #blackgardentattoo #japanese #tiger #tora #sakura

When it comes to classic Japanese images such as the Hannyas, tigers, and sakuras, Horitou shows that the tattoos truly make an image of their own after it has come through the hands of a craftsman. Tattooing is, after all, something that you have to put your hand into, so no matter what image a craftman works on, the results are always an original product. Like a signature, if you like.

As seen above Horitou also does some bigger pieces! 

Also have a look at this post from the Tattoodo blog:

Another adorable Japanese doll tattoo by Horitou. #ThomasPineiro #Horitou #blackgardentattoo #japanese #doll

All photos and tattoos from Horitou's Instagram 

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