Clean, Solid and Bold Traditional Tattoos by Carina Soares

Clean, Solid and Bold Traditional Tattoos by Carina Soares

Simple, solid, classy and elegant. These awesome bangers done by Carina Soares are perfect for those who love bold tattooing!

Less is more. It is true about what they say regarding certain things. In tattooing, this is proven and tested through the traditional bold style. Less tinkering and a more direct approach looks especially solid and simple, this makes the tattoo economic in design, more readable, witty and timeless.

After all, in its essence, tattoos are folk art. I do regard it as fine art too, but we must all remember that tattoos, especially nowadays, are everywhere.

Carina Soares is a tattoo artist from Lisbon, Portugal. She owns and tattoos at Holy Mountain Tattoo. A solid tattooer who is well versed in the solid bold traditional tattoo style. Her work is witty and powerful, the subjects are funky and fun, yet she can also make beautiful and elegant tattoos utilizing her style. 

Given the simplicity of the genre, Carina Soares manages to stay original and be versatile with her work. She incorporates her own identity into an age old craft which makes her work appeal to collectors. Solid bold lines combined with clean shading technique is her formula for creating simple yet beautiful work.

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