Clemson's Ben Boulware Celebrated Their Championship Win Correctly

Clemson's Ben Boulware Celebrated Their Championship Win Correctly

The linebacker took a shot at those who doubted him with this perfect celebration.

Winning an NCAA Division 1 Championship is no easy feat. College athletes have an exceptionally tiny window in order to capture that prize, and it eludes pretty much every college athlete. Think about it, there are 128 Division 1 football teams in the NCAA, and only one can win the National Championship. The chances of you being on that team are pretty slim.

So when you win it, you need to celebrate it properly, and that's exactly what Clemson's Ben Boulware is doing. Not taking any moment for granted, Boulware has given us a few hilarious moments since his team picked up the victory.

For example, there was his incredibly passionate display of affection when he finally had the trophy in his hands.

Ben Boulware kissing the National Championship trophy. #Clemson #BenBoulware #CollegeFootball #Football

After Boulware got finished necking with the College Football Championship trophy, he decided to check another thing off his celebratory list. Boulware headed to the tattoo shop to permanently celebrate the victory, and the tattoo also had a hidden meaning behind it as well.

College Football analyst Desmond Howard was quoted as saying Clemson's linebackers would end up being their achilles heel. When Boulware was deciding where to get the tattoo placed on his body, he had an extraordinary idea that also proved to be a dig at the Heisman Trophy winner.

Here is Boulware's quote because it's just too perfect.

BOOM! Roasted. Desmond Howard is eating crow right now as Ben Boulware and the Clemson Tigers reign supreme. The taste of revenge (and a National Championship) is sweet, isn't it, Mr. Boulware?

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