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Climb Every Mountain, Cross Every Sea: Landscape Tattoos

Climb Every Mountain, Cross Every Sea: Landscape Tattoos

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These landscape tattoos will make you want to drop everything and run for the a good way.

Often we get tattoos of our favorite things: our pets, our favorite food (we sometimes ponder the amount of pizza tattoos are out in the world...), our favorite bands...the list goes on. But what happens if your favorite thing is travel? There are tons of symbols of travel: suitcase, airplane, trains, and more. You could also get one of these landscape tattoos! Getting a piece of your favorite place, especially if it is very far away and somewhere you may not get to be everyday, is like carrying a piece of home and heart with you wherever you go.

Landscape tattoos also happen to capture the imagination in a way that an object or animal often doesn't. They hint at far off places, spots of romance, adventure or relaxation. These landscape tattoos span from mountainous camping sites to oceanic views and even castles fit for a fairy tale future. These are places that you want to go to, and you immediately begin to envision what it would feel like to be there. The different sensory experiences that come with travel have a way of opening up your life so that you can become a more worldly, open minded and caring person!

We hope you enjoy these landscape tattoos and that they give you a little inspiration for your next piece. We're always trying to show you ink that is of the highest quality and produced by artists who truly care about their clients. You can check out our app which holds an extensive archive of incredible images to help you find the perfect design, artist or shop. Maybe you'll find the best artist for your next ink in a place far far away...what an awesome excuse to travel! And of course, we hope that you'll share your work with us...we want to see who you love if we ain't already in the know!

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