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Clown Tattoos: A Lil Humor For The Holidays

Clown Tattoos: A Lil Humor For The Holidays

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Planning for the holidays can be a lil stressful, so here's a lil humor via some cool clown tattoos!

Now although the oft mentioned statistic that suicides are more frequent during the holiday season is a total myth, it is definitely true that this time of year can be hella stressful. This is especially true if you're flying anywhere, hosting literally anything, and going shopping for everything from groceries to gifts. We're hoping that this is not true for you, but because it may hold true for many, we thought we'd bring together some clown tattoos to be a little humor in your holidays!

We've also included some payasos in this selection of clown tattoos because we feel that you should "laugh now, cry later" in...laugh now while you're surrounded by friends and family and tipsy from all that spiked egg nog/champagne/straight up rickety wrecked whisky shots....and then cry later when you realize you've spent way too much money on gifts, plane tickets, and food for the holidays n now rent will be like, maybe two weeks late. But it was worth it, no? Because as much as we like to think it's the material things that count, it's actually those moments with the chosen fam that make our lives worth livin'.

Clown tattoos are probably a favorite amongst artists and collectors in the tattoo community because they hint at the absurd joy and difficulty of life. Clowns are like the ultimate players of this planet...they put on a mask and make merry for all the world to see. Jokes and laughs galore, the world is their stage. But once the spotlight dims, and there is no audience to see their act, this is when the sad clown steps in. The reality of our world is that happy moments are always fleeting, but if we try to make the most of our lives, of our time on the stage, we'll come out on the other side satisfied.

Written byTattoodo

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