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Colombian Tattooer Diego Calderon's Kaliedoscopic Watercolor Tattoos

Colombian Tattooer Diego Calderon's Kaliedoscopic Watercolor Tattoos

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Colombian tattoo artist Diego Calderon AKA Diegore is at the top of the game in vibrant watercolor designs.

Tattoo culture is booming all across the globe, and Colombia is no exception. The variety of styles available now are massive and the quality of artists coming out of Colombia is remarkable. 

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Diego Calderon creates incredible abstract watercolor tattoos that are gorgeous original works of art. He uses striking  watercolor techniques and strong black lines to create graphic illustrations on skin, often blending human portraits with animals.

Diego works out of a private studio in his hometown of Pasto in the south of Colombia and has taken part in the Tattoo Music Fest convention in Bogota where artists from across the continent gather each year. His strong style is popular with his clients and he promises to be one to look out for in rising talent from South America. 

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Images from Calderon's Facebook and Instagram

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