Color Portraits by Veronique Imbo

Color Portraits by Veronique Imbo

Check out one of portraiture's best artists working today.

There is a ton of detail and effort that goes into capturing someone's portrait. You need to render minute features of a person's face to represent their true essence. It's not as simple as just drawing a picture that looks like a person, you need to put life into the picture.

Veronique Imbo has the ability to make her portraits look alive. It's not just the nearly perfect replication, it's the life behind each and every one of her tattoos.

You can see it in the eyes, smiles, and every wrinkle. These tattoos aren't just a representation of that person's face, they capture their lifeblood, which makes them so stellar. 

Veronicque Imbo can be followed on Instagram, and if you're in the Montreal area and need a portrait tattoo, you should head to The Arts Corporation to make an appointment with her. I have to imagine the list is long though, so don't wait.

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