Color Realism Tattoos by Poch Tattoos

Color Realism Tattoos by Poch Tattoos

No matter whether it's animals, inanimate objects, portraits, or movie characters - Poch puts his special artistic touch on them all.

Based out of Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa, California, Poch also spends a great deal of time touring the US and the globe. Everybody wants a piece by Poch tattooed on their body.

When scrolling through his Instagram feed, I was impressed by every single tattoo I saw. All of Poch's tattoos are consistent with his own take on color realism. He manages to reproduce such soft and smooth skin in his portraits. 

One piece that really caught my eye was of Chucky, pictured below. It was actually quite refreshing to see a Chucky tattoo where he still resembles the Good Guys doll and doesn't have his face stapled together - I personally find that version scarier. 

If you're all about color realism, Poch should be on your tattoo artist wishlist. 

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All images via Instagram

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