Colorful and Bold Traditional Tattooing by Moira Ramone

Colorful and Bold Traditional Tattooing by Moira Ramone

Clean and solid-lined traditional tattoos with vibrant colors: these tattoos by Moira Ramone are kickass!

The traditional tattoo style may look simple, yet this style is not an easy one to master. It takes mastery of technical application and the discipline to know when you are over doing things, in order to keep the simplicity and solid characteristics of the tattoo.

Clean and solid gentleman tattoo. Amazing work by Moira Ramone. #MoiraRamone #25toLife #traditionaltattoo #gentleman

Moira Ramone is a skilled tattoo artist from Rotterdam, Holland. This solid tattooer is well versed in traditional style and manages make each piece a thing of her own.

Making use of classic tattoo imagery, she has the ability to make each piece look really powerful. She combines solid bold lines, hard black, and vibrant color saturation to make these magnificent tattoos. Clever in composition, clean in execution. These characteristics are perfect for collectors and traditional tattoo lovers. Moira Ramone's tattoo style makes the statement simplicity is key ring with so much truth.

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