Colorful Animal Friends by Aniela Dahlgren

Colorful Animal Friends by Aniela Dahlgren

Aniela Dahlgren brings to life some of nature's most fanciful animals.

Black Byran's owner, Aniela Dahlgren, has a habit of making life more colorful. Her tattoo designs are things of beauty, especially if you like the vibrant sides of nature.

The Polish tattooist can spruce up even the most dull environments and animals, making them wickedly cool and radiant. They're tattoos that pop off the skin due to their vivid color schemes and neo-traditional style. They'd be a welcomed addition to just about anyone's collection.

Follow Dahlgren on Instagram to get your dose of vibrance when you're scrolling through your feed. Or head over to Stockholm for a visit with the queen of colorful creatures.

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