Colorful Traditional and Japanese Tattoos by Fran Massino

Colorful Traditional and Japanese Tattoos by Fran Massino

Bright colors in bold tattoos - what's not to love!!

American traditional and Japanese designs come together in the work of Fran Massino!

Stay Humble Tattoo Co, Baltimore, is home to one hell of an artist in Fran Massino. With a classic bold style, Massino's tattoos make for some awesome viewing and are sure to give you some killer inspiration, especially if you enjoy old school tattoos or Japanese art! Using a bright traditional style Massino creates a range of awesome old school tattoos, but they also excel in Japanese designs too, giving them a western inspired look in the process! 

Packed with color and character Massino's work inspires on many different levels and offers some great viewing- especially the cool frog tattoos! 

If you like frogs be sure to check Tattoodo's first episode of BLINK: The Last Samurai Frog by Ami James

All photos from Instagram

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