Conor McGregor Reportedly Cast In 'Game of Thrones' Role

Conor McGregor Reportedly Cast In 'Game of Thrones' Role

Is there anything the UFC Lightweight Champ can't/won't do?

Is there anyone in the world more on top of his game than Conor McGregor right now? The dude is simply unstoppable. He was, at least temporarily, a double UFC Champion, he's expecting his first child, he just registered to box in the state of California in a move that many suspect is the first step towards a super fight with Floyd Mayweather, and now he has apparently been cast in Game of Thrones.

That's right, Mac Daddy is supposed to be playing a villain in the fantastical HBO series. I think that's a perfect fit for the biggest trash talker in the UFC.

Conor McGregor. #conormcgregor #Ufc #MMA

UFC President Dana White confirmed that McGregor will take part in the series for the seventh season. The show films part of their shots in Ireland, right in McGregor's backyard, so it seems like a natural fit.

Before you get too pumped about McGregor's first acting role, let me tell you about his role. He'll most likely be playing a soldier on Euron Greyjoy's vessel, "Silence." Fittingly, all of the soldiers on this vessel have had their tongues cut out, so you most likely won't be hearing Mystic Mac spouting off insults like we're used to seeing from him.

Any big Game of Thrones fan should have seen this coming, as the head show runners are huge UFC fans. David Benioff and Dan Weiss have gone on record stating their love for MMA and their fandom of McGregor.

On an episode of UFC Unfiltered, Benioff revealed his love for the sport, "I stayed up with a bunch of the actors and crew members in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is where we shoot the show, till six in the morning watching the McGregor-(Jose) Aldo fight this past December...We talk more about MMA than we do Game of Thrones."

Conor McGregor in the Octagon. #conormcgregor #UFC #MMA

One has to wonder if the show will showcase McGregor's tattoos. They've had a history of covering up body art on their actors, but tattoos are so much a part of who Conor is, it's hard to imagine looking at him without his trademark ink. I guess we'll have to tune in to find out.

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