Conor McGregor's Most Notorious (And Hilarious) Insults

Conor McGregor's Most Notorious (And Hilarious) Insults

UFC's most notorious smack-talker has had some hilarious digs.

Conor McGregor has gotten a lot of praise on Tattoodo for his dope tattoos. In fact, it's almost impossible to think about him without shaking your head at how badass that gorilla chestpiece is, and how only a man as badass as McGregor can really pull it off.

Another aspect that Conor is "notorious" (see what I did there) for is his amazing trash-talking abilities. He's able to get into his opponents' heads with his crushing, hilarious, and most of the time, wildly inappropriate verbal jabs.

Here are some of the Irishman's finest quotes. 

While on a UFC talk show, McGregor said to his rival at the time, Jose Aldo, "I am your daddy, I want you to sit on my lap."
"2015 was my year, 2016 is also my year, every year is my fucking year." McGregor stated before his fight against Rafael Dos Anjos.
"You ring your wife, 'Baby, we done it, we're rich baby, Conor McGregor made us rich, break out the red panties.'"
McGregor on Dustin Porier, "I like the kid. He's a quiet little hillbilly from the back-ass of nowhere, you know?"
When speaking about Jose Aldo, McGregor is quoted as saying, "Fear has got a stench, and he's reeking of it."
"Dustin thinks it's all talk. When he wakes up with his nose plastered on the other side of his face, he's gonna know it's not all talk."
On Dennis Siver, McGregor is quoted as saying, "He's a midget, German, steroid-head. That's my thoughts on him."
When speaking about WWE's John Cena, McGregor had this to say, "He’s a big fat, 40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia motherfucker.”
During a staredown with Jose Aldo, McGregor kept asking to move closer because, "I want to smell his pussy."
"I'm done talking, all I need is a body to show up, a sacrificial lamb to show up...and I will demolish them."
"He's petrified...So now I'm going to take the opposite approach, cuddle him, look after him, whisper sweet nothings."
On UFC liking finishes to their bouts, "This promotion wants finishes...that's what I'm looking for.
These custom-made suits aren't cheap. This solid gold pocket watch, three people died making this watch, know what I mean?"

Damn. Those are some heavy and funny-ass verbal jabs. Honestly though, I'd much rather take a verbal lashing from McGregor than a real one.

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