Cool Cats, Tiny Fishhooks, Itty Bitty Coffees

Cool Cats, Tiny Fishhooks, Itty Bitty Coffees

A gallery of the latest tiny tattoos for your tiny screen.

In Tiny But Mighty, we showcase the latest in the small tattoos made around the world. Tiny is trending, and we’re bringing it right to your screen.

A tiny tattoo on your skin can either act as a smart filler, or the micro ink can live on its own, standing proudly out as the only small thing you've got. The impact differs but the quality still sticks, challenging your tattoo artist and bringing small work to new heights. Meanwhile, tattoo artists keep taking the micro tattoo to the next level — it spans styles, detail, depth, and range. Some artists pack a wallop of detail into a tiny space, while others show their realism chops, and still others prove that less is more and go as stark as possible. Some tiny tattoos have architectural levels of detail, others give just enough information to trick your eyes into seeing a bow and arrow or an open book and coffee cup. 

Micro doesn't necessarily mean that it should fit inside the space of a quarter or a penny, but the use of scale can be fun. Instagram allows artists to use several anchors to prove the scale of their work — pennies, quarters, iPhones, their own hands. While the most common is the artist hooking their forefinger and thumb around the tattoo to show size, the playfulness of using other objects, or even the subject the tattoo is based on, has taken hold and we appreciate the fun people are having.

For more tiny tattoos, swing by the artist's Instagrams, or get even more specific with some tiny digit tattoos.

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