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Cool Surreal Designs by Stef Bastiàn

Cool Surreal Designs by Stef Bastiàn

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

This artist's surreal skull tattoos are original and unusual.

Tattoo artist Stef Bastiàn creates bizarre and beautiful tattoo designs, including those of faces made from twisted women's bodies.

Flexible woman tattoo by Stef Bastiàn #StefBastiàn #stefbastian #skull #traditional #surreal #surrealism

Stef Bastiàn tattoos at the world-famous Henning Jørgensen's Royal Tattoo in Helsingør, Denmark. He specializes in bold, clean, traditional tattoos that often have an unusual twist. 

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Stef also has a great portfolio of bold traditional and black and grey tattoos - follow Stef and Royal Tattoo on Instagram to see more! 

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