Cool Tattoos by Cool People: Tattoodo App Tattoo Artists

Cool Tattoos by Cool People: Tattoodo App Tattoo Artists

Roses, skulls, babes and more! These lovely Friday spotlight shows off some cool tattoos by the awesome tattoo artists on the Tattoodo App!

For this selection of cool tattoos from tattoo artists in the Tattoodo App, we've brought together Traditional heavy hitters and incredible Japanese pieces, but we've also made sure to add in some of those more "new" styles and trends...dark art illustrative, watercolor realism, plus some pop art straight from your favorite graphic design-esque tattooers. This is what we try to do every Friday: not only do we highlight some of our favorite tattoos within our awesome archive of tattoo inspiration, but we also bring together super talented tattoo artists on our platform who are so diverse in their interests, aesthetics, and backgrounds. There is something here for everyone, we like to think, and these pieces prove it!

Mike Boyd, Mattia Mambo, and Winston the Whale are first on today's exploration of the Tattoodo App artists. Their work is really interesting, and far different than pieces from the genesis of old school Americana. It would not be a surprise for us to hear that these artists are more influenced, stylistically, by graphic artists like Saul Bass or Milton Glaser plus pop artists like Shepard Fairey, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein. Bold, bright colors, abstract shapes, and clean designs that almost look like skin's an aesthetic that absolutely fascinates us.

Next up is Dulah, Kat Matthanee, and Jamma Dodger...three artists who each have a very unique take on illustrative. Dulah's sacred geometric piece looks like it could've come straight out of an MC Escher work! Wile Kat's portrait has a textured quality that is absolutely beautiful. You can also see, behind the tattoo, photos of their process...from photo to overlay sketches on's really nice to see how an artist makes their work! Jamma Dodger's stone Buddha portrait is also truly stunning. The varying lines and diverse drawing techniques make this piece not only powerful symbolically but visually as well!

For the next three we chose two Traditional tattoos and one Japanese tattoo...these styles, to us, seem inextricably linked in tattoo history and culture. Together these cool tattoos wonderfully illustrate how two very different cultures can cultivate design philosophy, symbolism, and iconic images to create two distinct styles that are also so complimentary. Irezumi has a very long history, and Traditional tattooing has often borrowed images from the Japanese visual repertoire. Dragons, geisha, even cranes have been known to pop up on Americana flash sheets. It helped that many of those old school tattooists were sailors... 

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Next we have a few very different pieces that depict some newer styles. Pis Saro is very well-known for her gorgeous floral body art. Marvelously replicated petals in all shapes, sizes, and placements decorate the bodies of her super lucky clients. Don't fret, either! Even if you're not able to travel to her, or you're not ready for ink quite yet, you can get her temporary tattoos. We're pretty sure you'll fall in love and want one of her pieces forever on your just be warned!

Meg Adamson is another tattoo artist who does a very different, although sort of similar style. Meg gracefully blends realism and illustrative aesthetic for very unique and cool tattoos! She perfectly produces crystals, gems, precious stones...even turquoise and opal!! Beautiful little beetles and butterflies...Meg's tattoos are something we could stare at for a very very long.

And we couldn't help ourselves, but yet again visit our two most beloved tattoo styles: Traditional and Japanese to finish this Friday collection. We hope it has inspired you, and that you're checking out more and more artists every week on our app. Have a great weekend and if you get a tattoo make sure to let us know!

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