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Corpse Found With 'Black Magic Tattoos' at Excavation Site

Corpse Found With 'Black Magic Tattoos' at Excavation Site

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This tattooed corpse found in Thailand is rumored to have body art that is reminiscent of a black magic ritual.

Tattoos are a bit taboo and have a bad reputation in many countries. Some see them as a sign of gang affiliations, and others associate it with criminal activities. But this corpse discovered during an excavation in Thailand has the most bizarre affiliation imaginable.

A corpse found in Thailand with tattoos. #corpse #blackmagic #PreservedCorpse #deadbody #Thailand

The skin, found draped over the corpse's skeleton, has bamboo tattoos all over it. The reason behind the tattoos is believed to be a black magic spell that is supposed to make the skin impenetrable.

The skin bearing the "black magic" tattoos in Thailand. #corpse #blackmagic #PreservedCorpse #deadbody #Thailand

One researcher has a theory as to how this man died. "The skin was too hard to cut and he ended up dying in agonizing pain from the illness," said Goopaitongdaeng Jeemokkho Goopainueng Soonpaed. "The skin has a lot of tattoos and it hasn't gone rotten. The spell to protect him and make him strong prevented the operation and then after he died stopped his skin from rotting."

The skin with tattoos found on a corpse in Thailand. #corpse #blackmagic #PreservedCorpse #deadbody #Thailand

No one knows for sure what happened with this skin, but one thing is undeniable — we should all get some black magic tattoos and test out this theory that it makes the skin impenetrable. 

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