Cover-up Tattoos Can Save You From The Ghosts Of Your Past

Cover-up Tattoos Can Save You From The Ghosts Of Your Past

We look at some amazingly executed cover-up tattoos that breathe second life into these patches of skin.

We all make mistakes. Some are just more permanent than others, like that shitty tattoo your cousin’s friend gave you in the kitchenette area of his filthy trailer when you were 17. Luckily, a talented tattoo artist can help you erase the mistakes of your past with a cover-up tattoo. Well, the tattoo-related mistakes of your past. You’ll still have to deal with all your other terrible decisions on your own.

Cover-up tattoos are not an easy feat to pull off well. They require careful planning and execution. A truly skilled tattoo artist will carefully construct a new piece that works to hide your regrets in stylish and subtle ways. Hopefully, when all is said and done, the previous tattoo will exist only in your memories and the rest of the world will see a fresh vibrant piece where once you only saw a mistake.

Even this author has had to employ the use of a cover-up, hiding an embarrassingly bad stick and poke tattoo of the letter “L” on my leg underneath the phrase “Why Go Out?” There are worse things that need cover-up tattoos, but I was super thankful to have the option.

Here’s a quick look at some brilliant cover-up tattoos. These tattooers have taken something ugly and turned it into something beautiful using their finely-honed skills and techniques. Take note of how the previous pieces have been worked on in ways that make them seem a distant memory.

Are you thinking about that one tattoo you have that you regret? The one that just doesn’t look as good as the others? Or perhaps one that reminds you of a time you’d rather no longer think about? Well, lucky for you there may be hope in re-purposing that patch of skin into something much cooler with a cover-up tattoo.

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