Cowboy Fan Jinxes Team with Overconfident Tattoo

Cowboy Fan Jinxes Team with Overconfident Tattoo

When it comes to sports, superstitions really do matter. Did this overzealous Cowboys fan doom his beloved team?

There's a reason that certain baseball players won't step on the foul line and why a wide receiver will buy a teammate a Maserati in exchange for their uniform number — superstition. 

Don't think that this is limited to the people that play the games, it also goes for fans. Virtually everyone has a lucky hat (or jersey, or socks, or underwear) that they break out for the biggest games. So when a Dallas Cowboys fan jumped on the bandwagon of getting a tattoo predicting a championship fans of America's team started to get a little nervous. 

When the ball flew off of Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby's foot and through the uprights as time expired two things were certain — the Cowboys season was over and a lot of people were pissed at Jordan Garnett and his tattoo. 

When the tattoo was fresh and the dream was still alive. (Via Twitter - jordangarnett) #dallascowboys #sports

Garnett, a stand up comedian, has been rolling with the punches for hours now. All in all, he seems to be taking things pretty well. As all of the Twitterverse gathers round to lambast him, Garnett has been pretty funny in response. He's even using his mistake as a way to further his career, he is hyping up an appearance on a radio show Tuesday night as he will announce what he plans on doing with the tattoo now that it isn't as prophetic as he had hoped. 

Jordan Garnett and his questionable tattoo. (Via Twitter - jordangarnett) #dallascowboys #sports

This is another chance for us to get on the ol' Tattoodo soap box and harangue you once again. Don't get a tattoo like this. Do you really need to be that guy yelling at the bar about how you had the faith in your team to predict a championship? There is no positive payoff here. Even if your team wins it all, you're going to look like a grade A jackass. If they lose you look even stupider. Don't do it. Please, we beg of you. 

And a quick reminder to Garnett: all you have to do is add one Roman numeral and you'll be good to go next year. But you better get it done in the next two seasons, cause if not you're completely screwed. 

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