Crack Open A Cold One With The Boys With These Duff Beer Tattoos

Crack Open A Cold One With The Boys With These Duff Beer Tattoos

Wrap your four fingers around a frosty can of Duff Beer this summer

The Simpsons is probably the most widely represented piece of pop culture in tattoos today. We find ourselves pacing our Simpsons output here at Tattoodo, not for fear of running out of subjects, but rather oversaturation. There are hundreds upon hundreds of niche Simpsons tattoo articles we could write before running out of subject matter. Today, we’re crossing Duff Beer tattoos off that list.

Duff is the go-to beer in the Simpsons universe. Just like Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart, Duff was created by Matt Groening. Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has made numerous claims that the beer was named for him in honor of his band’s hard partying ways. Groening has refuted this and called it “absurd.” McKagan has doubled down nicely by calling Groening’s statement “absurd.”

So ingrained in pop culture is Duff that in 2016 Time included Duff Beer on its list of most influential list of fictional companies of all time. Wait, what? Now that’s a list we gotta see. Yup, there it is. Duff Beer, sandwiched between The New York Enquirer and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Amazing. The list also includes a shout-out to Good Burger, so it’s good to see Time hasn’t let their high journalistic standards slip.

Where were we? Oh yeah. Duff Beer has pulled an interesting move over the years by becoming a real thing – much like the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. You can gulp down a cold, officially licensed Duff at Universal Studios or in Chile, despite Matt Groening’s multiple claims that Duff would never be licensed, lest it encouraged underage drinking.

There are other Duff beers to be had in reality, but none of them are officially licensed, and 20th Century Fox has been known to get very litigious in protecting its alcoholic intellectual property. You can, however, readily find an officially licensed Duff Beer energy drink.

It’s a true testament to Simpsons fandom that people would adorn their body with a Duff Beer tattoo when they’ve probably never actually drank one. Just let your mouth water at the sight of these Duff Beer tattoos for something you’ll probably never get to taste.

Don’t these Duff Beer tattoos make you wish you could just head on down to Moe’s after work and enjoy a frosty mug with Springfield’s elite? Well, sadly you’ll have to settle for a real world beer with your real world friends. And that totally sucks.

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