Creative Flower Tattoos by Chris Rigoni

Creative Flower Tattoos by Chris Rigoni

Combining Elements of Geometry, Realism, and Watercolor

We love it when tattoo artists just say, “fuck it,” and get downright weird. More often than not, the results of said fuck-it epiphany are some of the strangest, coolest, and most creative styles out there. Crossing the threshold of various styles can often lead to new sources of creativity that were previously left untapped. Perth-based tattoo artist Chris Rigoni is one of the few that have thrown caution to the wind, and in the process, has managed to create something entirely new that’s one of the craziest styles we’ve ever seen, and no lie, we’re in love.

Combining elements of realism, surrealism, geometric work, and the occasional watercolor influence, Rigoni is making some of the most stylistically innovative work in the tattoo community today. Drawing inspiration from animals, nature, human subjects, and geometry, Rigoni seamlessly creates surrealist scenes that leave your mouth agape and your eyes wide in wonder. With prismatic roses that emanate color from every angle, kaleidoscopic bears that hold the entire universe in their body, and purple haired beauties whose locks contain everything from rivers to entire solar systems, Rigoni’s work is limitless. So if traditional tattoos aren’t your thing, look no further than Rigoni’s work, wild with imagination the possibilities are endless.

You can see more of Rigoni’s insane work on his Instagram or check out the top 250 best floral tattoos of the year.

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