Creative Hug Tattoos by Lucrezia

Creative Hug Tattoos by Lucrezia

The best tattoos are the ones that break the mold, and Lucrezia does just that!

A quirky design with just the right amount of creativity, the hug tattoos of Lucrezia should be on everyone's tattoo bucket list.

You only have to spend a few minutes scrolling through Instagram to see what a hotbed of tattoo talent Italy is. The country has an endless supply of tattoo talent and it seems each artist brings their own style and creations to the table, a fine example is the talented tattoo artist Lucrezia. Tattooing from Toy Tattoo Parlour, Lucrezia has a beautifully colorful style that blends contemporary and traditional tattooing together but it's her own creations that really draw you in. Lucrezia's 'hug' tattoos are a brilliant and clever designs that use a simple image to create a much bigger tattoo. To really appreciate the design you simply have to see it.

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All images via Instagram.

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