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Creeps and Blackwork: Eerily Beautiful Tattoos by Nomi Chi

Creeps and Blackwork: Eerily Beautiful Tattoos by Nomi Chi

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Illustrator and tattooer Nomi Chi will haunt you in the most beautiful ways with her blackwork designs that dance around bizarre themes.

If you enjoy blackwork the way it was meant to be enjoyed — basking in all things dark, esoteric, and bizarre — then you're going to find yourself fitting right in Nomi Chi's wonderfully eerie designs.

Nomi is a doer of sorts, with an educational background in illustration and a professional experience in tattooing for more than a decade. She currently resides in Vancouver, a resident artist at Gastown Tattoo Parlour. A free spirit, Nomi strives to create pieces that reflect her artistry and visions.

Most of Nomi's works are styled in common elements in which blackwork is merged with such as sketch, stippling, and pointillism. What sets her sort of blackwork is how she illustrates them in a way that reflects her artistic background and distinct style. They specifically remind me of horror manga artist, Junji Ito's dark and macabre works with a Western touch. Nomi's tattoos are a dark delight.

“I am not so much inspired as I am compelled by a drive to produce.” — Nomi to Electric Tattoos

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