Creepy Color Realism Tattoos by Bumer

Creepy Color Realism Tattoos by Bumer

Bringing all your nightmares to life with these horror realism tattoos by Bumer.

When you're equally horrified and intrigued by a tattoo, that's the sign of a great horror tattoo artist. This is exactly what Bumer is achieving at Frontyard Tattoo in Mount Barker, South Australia. 

There are what you would consider "normal" color realism tattoos, of animals and people, featured on his Instagram page, but it's creepy realism tattoos by Bumer that really stand out. 

Horror movie creatures are terrifying on screen, with their movements and mannerisms, and Bumer is able to transfer the same feeling of terror into his tattoos. 

His ability to recreate blood, skin, teeth, and bone with just needle and ink is simply incredible. Then, to take a photograph of a child and turn them into a zombie for the client is some next level tattooing. 

There's blood and gore, the usual vampires and zombies, and a cast of creepy creatures in these realism tattoos by Bumer here for you to enjoy. 

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