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Creepy Lil' New School Cuties by Kelly Doty

Creepy Lil' New School Cuties by Kelly Doty

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It's time to meet some truly warped critters and cute monsters.

We've showcased her new school cult classics before, but we were so taken by Kelly Doty's cute and unsettling tattoos that we wanted to feature more. This time we're at it with here creepy little cute tattoos of critters and monsters. Here is a sample of her adorable yet terrifying work.

Doty's deranged animals are fantastic. An amazing balance of cuteness and horror is embodied by each one. We love how she turned the horrid cenobite leader, Pinhead, into a kitten, for instance, and speaking of cats, her vampiric one looks nice enough to invite inside the house. Hell, she can even make spiders look cuddly.

Doty's new school style is perfect for depicting monsters like zombies and other spooky figures such as vampires, witches, and haunted dolls. The tattoo above, by the way, is of a bean nighe — a mythic messenger of death in Gaelic culture.  

A cartoonish zombie girl by Kelly Doty (IG— kellydotylovessoup). #brains #cuties #KellyDoty #newschool #zombie

We hope these cute creeps gave you the heebie-jeebies. If you want to see more of Doty's skin-crawling work, check out her Instagram. She tattoos out of Salem, MA, so if your around that witchy town, hit her up for some killer new school ink.  

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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